Hello, everyone! Welcome to WriteWordsInc.com! My name is Garry Rottman, and I worked as an independent publisher for over 20 years.

Over my many years in publishing, I received constant questions from writers, authors, journalists, etc., on word choice and correct English usage, on style and tone, on grammar and punctuation–you name it! These are the areas of language that really fascinate me, but working as a full-time publisher, I was never able to find the time to put my ideas and advice into an easily accessible resource for budding writers.

This all changed when I recently retired. After a long career in publishing, I retired to pursue other passions–including this website. Now I can research language complexities and peculiarities at length and offer guidance to writers across the world.

And that is the purpose and mission of this website. I hope that I can use my experience in writing and publishing to help those of the next generation develop a similar enthusiasm for the written word.