Welcome to WriteWordsInc.com!

Welcome to WriteWordsInc.com! This is a website dedicated to the exploration of the written word—in all styles, genres, mediums, etc.

As writers, we all write words every day; but we also all want to choose the right words in our writing.

This little play on words showcases the two primary focuses of the website.

First, I hope the articles on my daily blog will motivate you in your writing. We all face writer’s block at some point and need help moving onto the next step.

Second, I hope to share some of the tips I have gained over my many years as a publisher with you. Tips on clarity, grammar, word choice, etc. If you have any particular grammar or word choice question, feel free to send me an email.

As I add more posts to the site, naturally, the scope will increase in its size. To start, I hope to focus on these two areas.

For ease of navigation, here are a few areas of the site broken down,

  • Easily Confused Words
  • Writing Motivation
  • Grammar
  • Punctuation
  • Fiction Writing
  • Vocabulary Resources